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Rugby Equipment for Coaches

Coaching equipment has become more advanced over the years, giving coaches better opportunities to prepare players for matches. Being prepared as a coach is vital, making sure the right equipment is on board for training and prior to

Coaching Junior Rugby

Coaching junior rugby can be a rewarding experience, giving young players an appetite for the game and a learning of the basics to succeed. As it may seem a daunting task for new coaches to begin , it's important to focus step by step,

Rugby Diet and Nutrition Tips

Nutrition plays such an important part in a rugby players career, making sure the right foods and fluids are absorbed into the body on a daily basis. Along with a regular training regime, correct nutrition can make the body and mind

10 Top Rugby Fitness Tips

Training as a rugby player can be extremely intensive nowadays, with players not only aiming to reach their maximum potential on the field, but also off the field in preparation. In preparation for any rugby game, fitness is of the

Rugby Conditioning Tips

The game of rugby has evolved over many years, with the focus on conditioning becoming extremely important before each and every game. Players must prepare in a way they can reach their maximum peak potential during 80 minutes of