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Rugby Drill: Rugby Bleep Test

Category: Fitness Objective: To assess fitness levels of players Gear: Audio file or Tape or Cd + Cones Players: Whole team The Bleep Test or Multi Stage Fitness Test is a test that is a commonly used to assess aerobic fitness. It is

Rugby Drill: Order Ball

Category: Passing Objective: To improve ball handling skills. Gear: 1ball, 10 metre grid (can use cones or anything to mark area) Players: 2 teams of 4 to 6 Each player in a team is given a number. The ball must be passed between…

Rugby Drill: Ruck Practice

Category: Ruck Objective: Players consider options at Ruck Time Gear: Hit shields (at least 2), balls Players: Groups of 4 to attack, 2 hold hit shields Two players hold hit shield close together facing attacking players. 1st…