Let’s Be Fair, NZRFU


Every rugby fan in New Zealand must be thrilled at the endevour, application and considerable passion of the majority of the NPC teams, not to mention the supporters, in the first two weeks of this year’s Air New Zealand Cup. Some of the early pace-setters are the so called also rans. Question for Mr Tew and his cohorts: What if, come late October, teams who have been ‘ear-marked’ for the dreaded drop are in or near the top four? Surely this prospect must be keeping the above mentioned gentlemen awake till the wee hours… or maybe not. In any credible professional sporting competition around globe, the teams at the tail of the field are the ones relegated.

The sad reality that is dawning on the majority of thinking rugby people in New Zealand, is that the NZRFU are making some… if not bias… then certainly dumb decisions, and will there be more coming after the competition has finished. Surely Mr Tew learnt his lesson last year, remember the Northland / Tasman embarrassment mid season. What grass roots rugby people are looking for is a level playing field.

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