Let’s Be Fair, NZRFU

Every rugby fan in New Zealand must be thrilled at the endevour, application and considerable passion of the majority of the NPC teams, not to mention the supporters, in the first two weeks of this year's Air New Zealand Cup. Some of the

Lions Tour 2009 – South Africa

The 2009 British and Irish Lions Tour is scheduled to take place from May to July 2009, with seven provincial games being played alongside the three-match Test series. It has been confirmed that the Test matches will be played in Durban,

A New Rugby Season… Great!

The new rugby season is only three weeks away and while I am outwardly expressing excitement to impress on those around me my love of the game, inwardly I have a feeling of…Oh God here we go again. Super 14 has become little more than a

Rugby Drill: Rugby Bleep Test

Category: Fitness Objective: To assess fitness levels of players Gear: Audio file or Tape or Cd + Cones Players: Whole team The Bleep Test or Multi Stage Fitness Test is a test that is a commonly used to assess aerobic fitness. It is

Rugby Drill: Order Ball

Category: Passing Objective: To improve ball handling skills. Gear: 1ball, 10 metre grid (can use cones or anything to mark area) Players: 2 teams of 4 to 6 Each player in a team is given a number. The ball must be passed between…

Rugby Drill: Ruck Practice

Category: Ruck Objective: Players consider options at Ruck Time Gear: Hit shields (at least 2), balls Players: Groups of 4 to attack, 2 hold hit shields Two players hold hit shield close together facing attacking players. 1st…