33 Key Points To Be A Top Rugby Coach



    1. Understand the game of rugby
    2. Know our team and players
    3. Use the skills of coaching
    4. Have the art of leadership

Know the Game of Rugby:

    1. Understand the traditions and values of the game
    2. Know the laws of rugby
    3. Know how to select a good team and captain
    4. Develop the game plan related to the players’ abilities
    5. Develop team, unit and player skills
    6. Integrate training with player and game needs
    7. Use knowledge of the rugby environment
    8. Use a full knowledge of the core skills of rugby

Know the Team and Players:

    1. Know the players as players and people
    2. Value team culture and team cohesion
    3. Institute a team development plan
    4. Develop support staffc(higher level)
    5. Have one-to-one meetings with players
    6. Have an emphasis upon rugby enjoyment
    7. Link with the captain
    8. Develop players’ skills
    9. Develop team strategy
    10. Plan positive training sessions
    11. Set and maintains high standards

Use the Skills of Coaching:

    1. Communicate well
    2. Understand the skills of teaching
    3. Understand players’ learning styles
    4. Instill skills in the players

Be a Leader:

  1. Develop and implement a vision for the team
  2. Set goals related to the vision
  3. Positively influence team members and others
  4. Communicate effectively
  5. Display strong personal qualities
  6. Be a positive influence

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