Rugby Equipment for Coaches


Coaching equipment has become more advanced over the years, giving coaches better opportunities to prepare players for matches. Being prepared as a coach is vital, making sure the right equipment is on board for training and prior to matches. This equipment has various uses, giving players what they need to succeed on the field. Here is some of the equipment thats a necessity for coaches, and can develop players in different areas of the game.


Practicing the basics without a rugby ball can be extremely difficult, making it important you carry an adequate amount of balls to distribute between players.

  • Work with balls for basic training, such as handling, passing, kicking and attacking moves etc
  • Use different sizes of rugby balls to develop players handling skills. There are different types and sizes on the market used by various age groups. Keep a good mix of balls to boost skills.
  • As an alternative, use tennis balls or footballs to vary handling and kicking activities. Varying the shape of balls in practice can also help skill levels.


Different types of clothing can be used for a number of drills and games.

  • Use coloured bibs to identify teams during practice games.
  • Arm bands can also be used to identify key players or leaders during skills and games.
  • Make sure players carry adequate clothing for various weather conditions.


Cones can be used for an array of drills, making them a valuable prop during training.

  • Use to mark out different distances for players to run and pass to etc. Measure areas and place cones accordingly.
  • Use cones as markers for accuracy during passing. Vary the angles and distances between cones to develop passing and catching skills.
  • Use as markings for practice games, placing cones along the sideline and for the try scoring area.


Whistles can be a coaches best friend to get players attention when needed.

    • Use during running drills alongside your stop watch or timing device.
    • A well needed tool for practice games to referee.

Scrum Machines

Scrum machines are a must for forwards, developing the scummaging area of the game and increasing strength. It’s important to identify weakness in the scrum during a game and work on during practice on the machine.

Tackle Bags

Tackle bags can be used for many defensive drills and activities. Teaching players to tackle at different heights can improve defensive skills, along with the use of tacking bags in attacking moves.

With new technology developing every day, there are many other coaching products on offer to develop players in training sessions, benefiting basic skills. Along with defensive products, there is also equipment that can develop speed and agility, such as speed ladders and hurdles.

With the amount of equipment available, the future of training players is rapidly improving, making coach’s work easier and increasing players skill levels along the way.

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