Rugby High Performance Coaching


Methods of coaching have rapidly changed over the years. From coaching an entire team to play the same way, to coaching only backs and forwards. It moved on to units, i.e outside backs, tight five etc. Then it moved on to training each position.

In the modern era, the focus has moved to each individual player in the team. The main objective being to train players to reach their maximum performance level on the field.

All Blacks coaching staff: Graham Henry, Wayne Smith and Steve Hansen have become leaders in this field. They have done wonders with their selected squads of players, bringing this team to become arguably the strongest rugby nation in the world.

How do they get the best out of these players?


Each player is coached to accept responsibility for their actions. If they make a mistake on the field they are deemed accountable for it. However, they are not made to be possessed by the mistake, they are taught to learn from it and move on. Coaches work with these players collaboratively to fix these mistakes and avoid a repeat.


Professionalism has always played a big part in All Black rugby. Players are taught to behave in a manner off the field as they would when training and playing. Well aware of their status in international sport, the All Blacks are consistently pushing to enhance their brand. By liaising positively with media, teammates and people around them, the All Blacks overall professionalism and presentation has lead on to bigger and better things on the field.

Maximizing their full potential

Players are taught to have the passion to prepare themselves to maximize their full potential on the rugby field. Coaches work with individuals, studying each players approach to the game, strengths, weaknesses etc. They then work with these players to achieve their goals, giving them every chance to become better all round players. Quality coaching brings the best out of players, and by having players driven by motivation, commitment and the passion to prepare, only gives better results in the field of play.


The All Blacks expansive style of rugby has been taught through creativity. World class coaches bring a creative element to the floor, opting to help players deal with all situations throughout a game. Instead of commanding a one dimensional style of play, All Black coaching staff bring forward new ideas, aiming to be more creative than their opposition and conduct a better learning environment, developing winning players in the long run.


One of the ultimate keys to success in All Blacks rugby. Players preparation for any game is paramount, making sure they make every stride to achieve optimum results on the field. The culture in the All Blacks environment has installed the importance of preparation, with players not only consistently performing week in and week out, but improving as they strive to become the best they can be.

Henry has always put forward the message to his players that if all the little things are done well, the rest will take care of its self. It speaks for an All Blacks team which continues to be one of most consistent teams in world rugby and professional sport.

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