Rugby Drill: Clean Hit and Play


Aim: Effective clean out technique and ball skills.


One player stands in the middle of the grid holding a contact shield. Four players stand in the middle of each side of the grid facing in. A ball is passed quickly around the outside of the grid. On the whistle whoever has the ball runs into the grid and makes contact with the shield, the two players next to him sprint around to support him. The first player cleans out the shield, the second picks up the ball and makes contact with the last player left defending behind the shield.The player who made contact with the shield originaly gets back up on his feet quickly and rips the ball away from the player who picked up the ball and made contact.

Coaching Tips:

This drill creates the opportunity to correct clean out technique and ripping technique. Ensure the low body position, soild shoulder contact and powerful leg drive are evident on the shield clean out.

Get the player who is ripping to work hard to get off the deck quickly and attack the ball aggressively and that they roll out of the rip the correct way.

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