Another great video from RugbyIQ: Clean Out Technique

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Aim: To develop cleaning out technique at the break down / ruck and ball skills under pressure.


Lie a tackle bag down on the side of the channel with a ball behind it. 5 players start 5m behind the tackle bag on the one side and 3 players 5m behind on the other side. The drill starts with one of the 3 players running to steal the ball behind the bag, at the same time one of the 5 runs in to clean him out by pulling him off the ball laterally. A scrumhalf runs in and passes to the 3 remaining players who fan out to attack the channel against the 2 defenders from behind the bag.

Coaching Tips:

Get the fanning players to work hard laterally so they can run straight onto the ball but still have width. Maintain depth on attack.

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