Rugby Drill: Post Throw


Category: Lineout
Objective: To throw the ball in accurately
Gear: 1 ball, 1 Rugby Post.

  1. Hooker stands on the goal line facing the side of the goal post.
  2. Aim to hit the upright at various heights.
  3. The thrower needs to progressively set targets at practice, e.g. three is a row, then five in a row.
  4. You can use cones to set out distances from the post to represent the different distances to lineout jumpers i.e. Jumper at number 2, or 4.
  5. Once precision is mastered, the hooker should practice with real jumpers to master timing.

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  1. Gary says

    There are so many different strategies when it comes down to how to make the best throw in. These are a few steps to help you out in a general sense. Ultimately it comes down to practice, practice, practice.

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