Rugby Drill: Half Backs to Runners Phase Play


Aim: Ball retention and timing onto the ball by supporting runners.


Six players each holding a contact shield line up across the length off the grid in pairs ready to defend. A designated scrumhalf and flyhalf each have a pod of 3 players standing with them at the start of the drill facing the players defending with contact shields. The scrumhalf starts the drill by passing to the first pod of 3 players who make contact and clean out the first 2 shields presenting the ball back to the scrumhalf. He then passes to the flyhalf who links with the second pod of players who make contact with the second 2 shields waiting on defense. Once again the shields are cleaned out by the pod and the scrumhalf follows to secure the ball. The first pod has now run around to receive the ball again from the flyhalf and make contact with the 3rd pair of shields, clean out and present to scrumhalf. This continues with scrumhalf playing flyhalf who plays a pod who clean and present in the pattern shown on he video.

Coaching Tips:

Make sure the players are running from depth and taking the ball at pace from the flyhalf. Get the players cleaning effectively through the contact point and ensure the player going into contact stays on his feet until support arrives.

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