Rugby Drill: Placey


Category: Place Kicking
Objective: Improve accuracy of a place kick
Gear: 1 ball for every player

Drill Explanation

  1. Right in front of the posts (close as you like) takes 5-10 shots at goal.
  2. Move to the left of the centre (15m) and take 5-10 shots.
  3. Move to the right of the centre (15m) and take 5-10 shots.
  4. Move right over near touchline of both sides and have 2-3 shots.
  5. Move back from the 22m and have 2-3 shots.
  6. Go back to the start if you need to, and begin again.

Place Kicking Tips

  1. Expose sweet spot
  2. Address ball
  3. Move back to a comfortable position
  4. Use imagery
  5. Approach in arc
  6. Turn Shoulder
  7. Place non-kicking foot inline with target
  8. Swing through strike zone

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