Rugby Warm Up


You don’t want your players starting practice or preparing for a game without having warmed up correctly.


A warm up in rugby is very important as it increases your body and muscle temperature. It also helps to activate muscle groups and stimulate the nervous system to increase joint mobility. This prepares players for the tough physical activity of rugby while lowering the risk of injury.

What should players do?

The following video is a good example that looks at some of the options for warming up players for a game of rugby.


  • Light jogging to loosen things up
  • Increase intensity – do some stretches
  • Work some basic skills increasing intensity

A cool down routine is also very important to help muscle and joints to relax. It helps player’s avoid muscle cramp and is a good team exercise to work on togetherness after a game regardless of the result.

  1. Roy Reeve says

    Hello from sunny England!

    On your article about the importance of a warm up, our pregame warm up is shocking but our coach argues that we play well sometimes without the warm up (& bad) & visa versa i think his point is nonsense!!! Also he will argue that we are a grass roots club (which we are, a social side even though we are in a league set up) I say it prepares the body for contact/Rugby. What would be your view point ???

    Kind Regards

    Roy Reeve

  2. jesse says

    warm up doesn’t limit the possibility of inujry in any way, infact static stretching as been show scientifically to decrease performance, it gives you a psychological state of readiness as it has become part of your routine, it also incrases sinovial fluid in the joints and therefor flexibility, so in short the warm up is beneficial

  3. Tori Webb says

    does warm up activities usually make players lose their energy?

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