Rugby Drill: Starter / Kick Off Practice


Category: Kick-Off / Restart
Objective: To make a restart from half way or the 22m line.
Gear: Balls, and tee
Players: 4

  1. The player who needs to practice their kicking takes to ball to halfway, midfield.
  2. 3 forwards lineup at halfway in a group, in line with where the kick will be aimed.
  3. The kicker then attempts to kick the ball, it must travel at least 10 meters.

The aim is for the kicker to land the ball over the 10 meter line on the full, but kick the ball high enough that the forwards chasing can reach the ball on the full.

At higher levels the forwards should be aiming the reach the ball in time to attempt to lift one player, and catch the ball in mid air.

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