Clean Out Technique

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Another great video from RugbyIQ: Clean Out Technique Aim: To develop cleaning out technique at the break down / ruck and ball skills under pressure. Description: Lie a tackle bag down on the side of the channel with a ball behind it. 5 players start 5m behind the tackle bag on the one side and 3 players 5m behind on the other side. The drill starts with one of the 3 players running to steal the ball behind the bag, at the same time one ... Read More

Rugby Drill: Ruck Prac

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Rugby Drill Ruck

Category: Ruck Objective: Players consider options at Ruck Time Gear: Hit shields (at least 2), balls Players: Groups of 4 to attack, 2 hold hit shields Two players hold hit shield close together facing attacking players. 1st player of attackers comes up, hits the shield, and goes to ground The next three players follow closely and make a decision as the first hits the either: 2 players blow over the ball, 3rd picks up or each player can attempt a pick and go. The defending players can steal the ball, ... Read More is a Rugby Coaching resource. It will be updated with useful online resources for rugby coaches. This will include content such as rugby drills, opinion pieces, coaching profiles, coaching videos and useful articles.